30 Days FREE Fashion Challenge

Brush-up your drawing skills and step out of your comfort zone!

Can You Draw For 30 Days in a Row Without Quitting?

Practice makes perfect. But can you endure to practice for 30 days?
Prove it by commiting to this challenge!

How Does It Work?

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1. Unlock Daily Themes

Every day, a new theme will be unlocked, which will be sent to you through e-mails.

2. Find Inspiration

Along with the daily theme, you’ll receive 3 sample illustrations for your reference.


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challenge for fashion designers

3. Get Free Templates

By registering for the challenge you will receive a daily free template for your illustrations or you can make your own.

4. Get Featured

Get a chance to be featured on I Draw Fashion’s Instagram page by using #idrawfashion30days . Don’t forget to tag @.i.draw.fashion!


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Joining the challenge is abslutely FREE

Beat Daily Challenges!

Fashion design drawing challenge

Challenge Rules:

1. Complete your daily challenge.

2. Upload your sketch to Instagram and use the #idrawfashion30days

 3. Tag @i.draw.fashion in the description

So pack up your bags
join us on this exciting journey!

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