30 Days FREE Fashion Challenge

Brush-up your drawing skills and step out of your comfort zone!

Can You Draw For 30 Days in a Row Without Quitting?

Practice makes perfect. But can you endure to practice for 30 days?
Prove it by commiting to this challenge!

How Does It Work?

1. Unlock Daily Themes

Every day, a new theme will be unlocked, which will be sent to you through e-mails.

2. Find Inspiration

Along with the daily theme, you’ll receive 3 sample illustrations for your reference.


3. Get Free Templates

By registering for the challenge you will receive a daily free template for your illustrations or you can make your own.

4. Get Featured

Get a chance to be featured on I Draw Fashion’s Instagram page by using #idrawfashion30days . Don’t forget to tag @.i.draw.fashion!


Joining the challenge is abslutely FREE

Beat Daily Challenges!

Challenge Rules:

1. Complete your daily challenge.

2. Upload your sketch to Instagram and use the #idrawfashion30days

 3. Tag @i.draw.fashion in the description

So pack up your bags
join us on this exciting journey!

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