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How to draw a baseball cap

how-to-draw-a-baseball-cap-cover (1)

In this tutorial you will learn an easy method to draw a baseball cap in 3/4 view angle. This evergreen accessory will help you add some sports spirit to your fashion sketches especially if you are designing a casual or …

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Drawing African features


Not all fashion designs look their best on pale skin models. Sometimes a darker skin is what it takes to make the design idea pop. However simply coloring the skin in a darker shade isn’t the best solution. To draw an African or African-American …

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How to draw a head scarf


When you draw a head scarf keep in mind that there should be enough space for the skull and the hair to fit in. Adding folds will make your drawing more realistic.

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My process of illustrating: new blog cover


This illustration was created for the stunning model and blogger from Vanity Afro. She contacted me to help her create a new blog cover where she would pose in a beautiful designer dress. She wanted the portrait to communicate both …

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Draw a 3/4 view face

how to draw 3-4 view face in fashion design sketches tutorial index

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw 3/4 view face. Drawing the face is part of the sketches that many young artists overlook and skip due to the lack of knowledge how easy and fun it actually can be. …

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How to draw a ponytail


When drawing a ponytail hairstyle in your fashion sketches make sure to show it from the side. Adding some wind to the hair will make your illustration more alive and dramatic.

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How to draw side view pose

how to draw side view pose step by step tutorial video-index

In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to draw a side view pose in your fashion sketches. Maybe your design has different lengths, a slit or another interesting detail to the side? Follow the steps and you will quickly …

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How to draw hair parting


Drawing the hair is often times not an easy task for young artists. A very important part of a good hair drawing is the parting that should be drawn with attention – curve by curve each in different length.

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The meaning of colors


Today I’ve been thinking about color – how do we use it in our fashion sketches to communicate different messages. Is our art becoming limited by working with the same color palette every time? How color changes the meaning of …

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7 reasons to draw the fashion figure

Why draw the fashion figure well in fashion design sketches

If you have ideas of great designs in your imagination and you want others to see what you imagine you have two options: either draw the body very well or don’t draw it at all! You don’t have the right …

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