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Are you looking for a Fashion illustrator to hire?





Let Me Draw Your Ideas

Just send me a message with a short description of what you need and how you imagine it.
I will get in touch with you soon to discuss what we could do to bring your vision to life!


  • Fashion Illustrations
  • Design Flats
  • Portraits




I have years of experience working with startup fashion brands. My job is to help fashion designers communicate their ideas in a professional way. The goal is to get customers, investors and manufacturers understand your vision and buy it. If you are a designer, blogger or a creative individual with a beautiful idea in your mind here is what I can do for you:

  • Fashion illustrations
  • Flats/ Technical drawings
  • Accessories, bags and shoes illustrations
  • Custom covers for blogs
  • Social media images
  • Fashion portraits
  • Wedding fashion illustrations


The commission me as your fashion illustrator is easy, fun, affordable and most importantly – the results are beautiful and professional.
After we discuss the project I will send you a rough draft for approval so that you can make sure it matches your vision.
In a couple of days you will receive the finished art in high resolution – ready to be printed  and shared with the world. All payments are fast and secure using Paypal and the safety of your idea is guaranteed.

  • You send the design description and references
  • I send the rough draft for approval
  • Corrections are made if needed
  • You receive the finished illustration
  • Color correction and small adjustments are free



  1. I can’t close your page, it’s amazing Teya => Added to my fashion Bookmark

  2. Baby your site is Da Bomb!!!!!!
    Congratulations. It’s cool to see young women doing great things.

  3. I love your website and got lots of information which I want to learn hope, it will help me alot.

  4. Hi, I love your blog … I love to be designer clothes and this blog helps me a lot when I go to draw a dress. You’re a great designer

  5. Y ou are giving hope again just beginning, but you are an inspiration

  6. Teya, You are simple the best! Had great time working with you! Your vision, your attitude, your skills are top notch! Thank you! look forward working with you again!

  7. Teya you are very talented! Thanks for sharing your art and your knowledge. Could you tell me which computer software you use to create your fashion drawings please? I am using freehand MX at the moment but it’s obsolete and it’s time for me to move on to another software. I am bit reluctant to use Adobe Illustrator, I never like it, I just think its hard to operate it. What do you think?

    • Thank you for the kind words!
      Adobe Illustrator was a nightmare for me personally. I was using Photoshop until I found way better and much cheaper alternative. It is my favorite software and I keep recommending it to all the artists I know. You will love it too!
      It’s called Manga Studio 5

  8. Thank you for sharing your ideas and templates… Its wonderful that your are able to share your ideas and inspired future
    fashion designer to move forward with their dreams and ideas!!!

    • Thank you, Ana! Drawing the fashion sketch doesn’t need to be the thing that stops an aspiring designer – it should be what gives him wings :) I will be happy if my little blog gives wings to someone to fulfil her/his dream!

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