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how-to-draw-wedges-shoes-in-fashion-design-sketches-step-by-step-tutorial-index – 1

How to draw wedges

Drawing shoes that go well with your design is essential for every successful fashion sketch. In this step-by-step tutorial you …

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how to draw hands correctly in fashion sketches step by step tutorial cover

How to draw hands

Drawing the hands right is essential for a good-looking fashion sketch and illustration. This step by step tutorial will help …

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how to draw makeup in fashion design sketches tutoial index

How to draw makeup

earning how to draw makeup right can have a dramatic effect on your fashion illustrations. There are many different ways …

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How to draw fur

Learn how to draw fur in few easy steps and add real glamour to your fashion illustrations. Draw fur scarf …

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how to draw boots tutorial

How to draw boots

Learning how to draw boots might be very useful for designing your winter collections and developing some great-looking fashion sketches. …

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how to draw legs step by step tutorial cover

How to draw legs

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw beautiful long legs for your fashion illustrations. The understanding of fashion …

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Draw a smile index

How to draw a smile

Let’s learn how to draw a smile! Facial expressions are very important for the impact the illustration creates. Giving your …

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how to draw braid hairstyle type tutorial cover

How to draw a braid

Have you ever wondered how to draw a braided hair? The braid goes perfectly well with summer inspired fashion illustrations …

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