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Fashion Flats


The ability to draw technical flats is an essential skill for every fashion designer. Flats are used to brainstorm variety of  design options in the early stages of the design process. They are the preferred approach when designers need to quickly brainstorm …

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Color with colored pencils


Colored pencils are the preferred media by many aspiring designers when they create fashion sketches and draw their designs.  Contrary to popular belief colored pencils are not an easy media to color with. Actually they are one of the hardest …

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Color using markers

coloring with copic markers for fashion sketches tutorial step by step cover

How to color your fashion sketches? Which one is the best rendering technique to achieve professional looking illustrations quickly and easily? In this tutorial you will learn the basics of using markers for a smooth, clean and quick rendering of …

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How to draw white fabric

how to draw white fabric in fashion sketches cover

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw white fabrics in your fashion sketches. This will not only help you when you draw wedding dresses, but also in all kinds of white clothing and accessories. Drawing white is much …

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How to draw skin shadows

how to color skin color and shadows on the female body

There are many techniques of how to draw shadows for the skin of the fashion sketches. This is my preferred method, because it is quick and easy to do and the final result is a very nice mix between realistic …

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How to draw gold

how to draw gold metal tutorial step by step cover

The topic of this post is how to draw gold metal. Giving up the gold gel pen and making the gold illussion on your own is a challenge even for advanced illustrators. In this step by step tutorial I will …

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How to use Outlines


Why do we need the outlines? Fashion illustrations need outlines, because without them drawings often look somehow undefined and unfinished. Outlines help the drawing stands out and keep viewer ‘s attention. How to begin? One of the worst things that …

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