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I Draw Fashion Academy – fashion designing just changed forever

Fashion Drawing Just Changed Forever!

When I started I Draw Fashion in 2011, I was a recent Fashion Design graduate who felt a little bit different about my career choice than my colleagues. How it All Started I realized I didn’t want to become a …

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Fashion illustrations challenge

Do you know that feeling that you think that you should be drawing more? Even though drawing fashion sketches is my job and my hobby I still get it sometimes. Taking the challenge to draw a new illustration every day is something I’ve always …

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the 3 fashion books that changes my life

The 3 Fashion Books that Changed my Life

Hi, I’m Teya and I am an addict. I have this obsession with fashion books. I collect everything I can put my hands on – books for fashion design and fashion illustration, drawing manual, catalogs….everything! When I enter a bookstore …

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I want to sell my fashion sketches

First you need to check if you are ready to be on the market. This set of questions will help you understand whether or not your work is worth buying. After you make sure you understand and meet the....

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My process of illustrating: new blog cover

This illustration was created for the stunning model and blogger from Vanity Afro. She contacted me to help her create a new blog cover where she would pose in a beautiful designer dress. She wanted the portrait to communicate both …

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Speed painting on fashion design template 008_1

SPEED PAINTING: Fashion Template 008

I have always loved to watch speed painting of other artist and try to learn from them. Of course the videos are very fast and you hardly see what the artist is doing but the pleasure that you get from …

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9 ideas for selling your sketches

After publishing the post “The price of your designs” where I talk about properly pricing your work  I received  many emails asking for more info how to make money from your designs.  So let’s talk today about how and where …

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For God’s sake be original!

It is okay to have artists and illustrators that you admire and to want to be as good as they are. But this does not equal to try to mimic their creative style. You will never be as good because you have not invented it – you have copied it.

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The meaning of colors

Today I’ve been thinking about color – how do we use it in our fashion sketches to communicate different messages. Is our art becoming limited by working with the same color palette every time? How color changes the meaning of …

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Why draw the fashion figure well in fashion design sketches

7 reasons to draw the fashion figure

If you have ideas of great designs in your imagination and you want others to see what you imagine you have two options: either draw the body very well or don’t draw it at all! You don’t have the right …

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