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Drawing clothes basics


    How to draw a flare skirt

    A full skirt has been one of the strongest symbols of femininity for centuries. In this tutorial you…

  • how-to-draw-a-leather-jacket-step-by-step-in-fashion-design-sketches-index

    Draw a leather jacket

    Outwear is something that many aspiring designers avoid including in their fashion sketches because …

  • How-to-draw-stockings-index

    How to draw stockings

    Knowing how to draw stockings is helpful not only for lingerie designers but also for everyone willi…

  • how to draw folds- pants tutorial

    How to draw folds: Pants

    Knowing where to place the folds and understanding how to draw them right is essential for a well-ma…

  • how to draw a jacket step by step

    How to draw a jacket

    Ever wondered how to draw a jacket? This might seem like a difficult task, but once you learn the ba…

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